Best 1911 Shoulder Holster – Top Picks of 2018

Looking for the best shoulder holster, here we will help you out. We have been trying to figure out the 1911 shoulder holster. We have tried and tested almost all the available shoulder holsters available on the market.

After testing every holster we made a list of best holsters available.

The method of selecting the best holster is based on the size, weight and different features of the holster.

Top 5 1911 Shoulder Holster

Top Pick: Galco Jackass Shoulder Holster

Galco Jackass Shoulder Holster This new holster was re-launched on the 30th anniversary of Galco International.

Galco has a horizontal holster but this doesn’t mean that it cannot be adjusted. The position of the holster can be adjusted to user’s requirement.

The re-launching of this product was done keeping in mind user’s comfort as both the straps of the holster can be adjusted so that you get maximum comfort while wearing it.

Set of screws are provided in this product to adjust the height of the gun and height of the magazine according to the user.

There are two slots provided in this holster for keeping the magazines.

Final summary of this product:

It is that it is better than its previous model. The comfort level has been increased for the user and the security has also seen some changes (positive way). Customizations are possible with this product which includes the size. It is made for the right-hand draw. The material used to build this product is pure leather.

 Pick 2 [Best Budget]: Galco Vertical Shoulder Holster System

Galco Vertical Shoulder Holster System This product is one of the best holsters ever made. It has everything a holster can have in it.

This holster doesn’t compromise on its quality. It is made up of pure leather.

A harness is used to attach together the straps. In some holsters, a metal ring is used which can be uncomfortable sometimes.

This holster is based vertically which means that the gun is placed vertically. The face of the gun will be facing downwards, so this means that the user will be able to draw the gun very quickly.

The user is able to keep two extra magazines in this holster. Two snap clips are also there to secure the magazines.

Final summary of this product:

Users can use this holster with both hands. One of the most reliable and durable products ever made in this category.


Pick 3: Galco Miami Classic

Galco Miami Classic This is the second product of Galco on this list. So all the readers you be sure that Galco is one of the finest brands in the world.

Everything is classy about this product from its design to its size.

The material that is used to manufacture this product is leather. Customizations are possible in this holster according to user requirements. Unlike Under Control Tactical, you will get a perfect fit with this holster instead of free size.

The gun will face behind you as this holster is based horizontally.

The best thing about this holster is that it has a very lightweight which makes it easy to carry.

Final summary of this product:

One of the most-light weighted holsters ever made. It can be easily hidden. Customizations can be done easily.

Pick 4: Under Control Tactical

Under Control Tactical This is different from Galco as the material is not leather. Usually, other shoulder holsters use leather on their harnesses.

Padding has been provided in the shoulders for added comfort. Thin straps usually put pressure on the shoulders when the holster gets heavy that is why Under control tactical use padding.

There is no customization in this holster as it has a free size which means the size of the gun and magazine does not matter.

The price of this product is not high so people can easily afford it.

People will love this product if they are not in love with leather. Usually, some people prefer leather over other materials.

The only thing that concerns me about this product is that it is a little bulky on the eye and even when you are wearing it. The free size of the product makes it bulky.

Final summary of the product:

The products price will attract you the most. The size offered by this product is free size so it will look a little bulky on your shoulders as I have already told you. But overall a very nice buy for everyone as the comfort level provided by this is hundred percent.

Pick 5: Linux Deep Concealment

Linixu Deep Concealment This product is great for both right and left-hand users.

Just like Under Control Tactical the material used in this product is not leather. So for all the leather lovers I have some other good points for you so stay with me until the end.

This is not like a traditional holster it is different from other holsters who follows the same old tradition. This product does not allow you to carry extra magazines.

A single shoulder strap is provided in this product. The space provided for the gun to be kept in the holster is provided in front so that the user does not face any movement issues.

This holster is one of the most concealed holsters ever made. Even if you are wearing this holster over a t-shirt it can be easily hidden by wearing a baggy shirt over it. It means you don’t have to necessarily wear big jackets just to hide the holster. Whether its summers or winters, you will be able to carry it without any problem.

Final summary of the product:

If you want your holster to be hidden all the time then go for this product. There is some uniqueness about this product as the design is totally different from other holsters. Both the Right and left-hand users can easily use it. The only thing that concerns me is that the user won’t be able to take out the gun quickly enough as compared to other holsters.

How to conceal your Holster

When you buy a holster the first thing that comes to your mind is that how will you hide it from others.

It is a valid question but you don’t have to worry because it’s very easy to hide holsters these days. You can easily hide it under a jacket or a blazer. I would personally suggest you should avoid wearing a zipper jacket when there is a holster inside as it would be difficult to draw the gun with the zipper on.

Some holsters have a perfect fit and they can be easily hidden under a bulky shirt.

You should always avoid wearing a bulky holster like Under Control Tactical under a slim shirt as it would be easily available.

Uses of a Shoulder Holster

A shoulder holster is basically used to carry gun and magazines together while hiding them.

For example, if you are going to a party and you want to be secure in every way possible then you will obviously carry a gun with yourself. But you cannot afford to show the gun to others that is why Shoulder holsters are used. They can be used where the gun isn’t allowed to be visible.

We really advise you to use the gun safe at your place so that you can protect your armor from kids and small ones. Here are some gun safe reviews and some vehicle safe reviews.

1911 Shoulder Holster Review
  • Galco Jackass Shoulder Holster
  • Galco Vertical Shoulder Holster System
  • Galco Miami Classic
  • Under Control Tactical
  • Linux Deep Concealment


If you want something classy for yourself then go for Galco Miami Classic as it is most classy product out of the five products.

If you are looking for something which is comfortable and you can compromise on the fitting then go for Under Control Tactical. It follows one policy that is one size fits all.

My personal favorite is Galco Vertical Shoulder Holster System. If you don’t have any financial issues then go for it without even thinking twice.

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ashley says January 30, 2018

Hi, can you suggest me shoulder holster which is good for girls too?

    John Barker says January 30, 2018

    They all are unisex, you can buy any one of this.

Simroi Kagasaki says January 30, 2018

I want to gift this to my husband, he is an army man, can you suggest me a good one?

    John Barker says January 30, 2018

    Go for Galco Vertical Shoulder Holster System, it is specially made for daily users.

Marie R. Evans says January 30, 2018

I am confused between Linux and under control. which will you consider?

    John Barker says January 30, 2018

    It depends for which purpose you want to use? Between from this two, Linux one is best.

Martin says January 30, 2018

Seriously love your this article, great comparison.:) (Y)

    John Barker says January 30, 2018

    We always try to give you best.

Victor D. Smith says January 30, 2018

I bought Galco Vertical Shoulder Holster System from amazon last week after reading this review, and I love the product.

    John Barker says January 30, 2018

    Thanks 🙂

Vera M. Truong says January 30, 2018

I like Galco Miami Classic as the gun will face behind you as this holster is based horizontally.

    John Barker says January 30, 2018

    Thanks, this one is best under a budget. 🙂

Ebony G. Milliken says January 30, 2018

I always wear a bulky shirt, and can you suggest me which i can use under bulky shirt?

    John Barker says January 30, 2018

    Galco Miami Classic is best for you.

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