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Selecting the best gun safe is a challenging task. It may take up to weeks to do the right research before you make up your mind finally. But at Gun Safe House, I have done the job for you. I spent 3 weeks on the internet going through blogs, customer reviews, forums & etc to finish this buyer friendly guide.

Everyone knows that a gun is used to protect ourselves from any kind of threat. Gun is used to defend one so when there is some sought of attack on the person he/she can rely on their gun for safety. But as you know one man’s defense can be a weapon for others. So for safety purposes and to avoid any kind of mishaps there is a need to own a gun safe if you have a gun.

Safety and Security, for these two main reasons you need to have a gun safe. A gun not only protects you but act as a shield if you are with someone close like your family or friends.

Like the gun acts as a shield for you the gun safe acts as a shield for your gun so that it doesn’t fall into wrong hands thus making it unsafe for others.

Best Gun Safes-2018 

Cannon Gun Safes

Cannon gun safe brand is famous for its selling of products as it has the most number of sales across the whole planet. Now we will see some of the best gun safes produced by Cannon that is available in the market globally.

When you have a lot of cash and you are looking for maximum protection then without any hesitation purchase the new modern Cannon Safe CA23 Cannon Series Deluxe Fire Safe, Hammer-Tone Black, for this masterpiece you do not even have to do any kind of research as this is a pure legendary masterpiece.

Well on the other hand if you are looking to save some cash and you are looking for a Gun Safe which is not too costly then go for Cannon Safe OS4-H11HEC-15 Office Solutions Fire Safe with Power Supply and High-Security Ul Electronic LockThe top products of cannon series belong to Deluxe series, they might be a little expensive but they are worth every single penny. Here are some top picks from the Cannon Gun Safes section.

#1. P22HR-H1TEC-13 Patriot Series Safe

P22HR-H1TEC-13 Patriot Series SafeP22HR-H1TEC-13 Patriot Series is a very unique and good quality Safe launched by Cannon. This masterpiece is a perfect elegance as well as toughness at the same time. This Patriot Series Gun Safe ensures maximum protection of precious valuables that you want to protect.The Patriot Series Gun Safe is durable and dependable with its solid steel framework. There is a lot of space in this Safe to store valuables with adjustable shelves.

This product is available in various designs and colours.


Dimensions: 30 X 22 X 59 inches

Weight: 529 pounds

  • There is an inbuilt power supply cord provided in this Safe along with a USB port
  • Proven to be fire resistant by the UL& ETL certification
  • up to 30 Guns can be stored at the same time in this Gun Safe
  • This product comes with a Lifetime Warranty

#2 Cannon EX40 Executive Series Safe

Cannon EX40 Executive Series SafeCannon EX40 series can be trusted for storing most of the amazing Gun collection as well as other valuable items like Hard Cash and jewelry. The amazingly well-scripted design provides the highest level of security. All your valuables including Guns, hard cash, jewelry etc. are totally Safe in this tough and fire resistant Gun Safe.

Sturdy steel doors are installed in this Safe to ensure that the Safe is high on security. It also has electronic locks of commercial grade quality fitted with three-spiked handles to ensure maximum security and Safety.Cannon EX40 Series Gun Safe is Fire resistant and can endure up to 1200 degrees of heat and a triple fin seal is also there which can be extended to protect most essential valuables from the smoke.

This EX40 Series Gun Safe comes with Trulock hinges that are usually inbuilt in a Cannon Gun Safe.


Dimensions of this product = 59 X 40 X 24 inches

Weight of this product = close to 500lbs

  • The maximum Guns that can be stored in this Safe at the same time = 64 Guns
  • This product also comes with a lifetime warranty 

#3 CA23 Cannon Series Deluxe Fire Safe 

Cannon Safe CA23 Deluxe Fire SafeThis is the most dependable and nominal priced Cannon Gun Safe. This amazing thing is made of finest quality metal which makes its frame very solid and it can be the perfect choice to protect your amazingly awesome Gun collection.

As verified by Intertek-ETL, this deluxe Fire Safe has been subjected to many fire endurance tests and has passed the test with flying colors. This Gun Safe can endure heat up to 1200 degrees for almost sixty minutes.


Dimensions of the Deluxe Gun Safe = 60 X 30 X 22 inches

Weight of the Deluxe Gun Safe = 560lbs

  • Deluxe Gun Safe is fire resistant and is built on a solid steel framework.
  • The maximum number of Guns that can be stored in a Deluxe Fire Safe is = 24 Guns.
  • Deluxe Gun Safe comes with inbuilt power supply. The power supply comes with two 110V plug points.
  • Deluxe Gun Safe comes with an Ethernet connection and a USB port along with it.
  • This Deluxe Gun Safe comes with a Lifetime warranty.

As we all know Cannon Gun Safes are usually the most widely used Gun Safes in the world. That was all about Cannon Gun Safes. After that Biometric Guns Safe is considered most Safe.

Biometric Gun Safes

The best quality of the Biometric Gun Safe is that it recognizes the biological traits of its owner through fingerprint, retina scan etc. So due to these features, this legendary masterpiece can be considered one of the Safest Gun Safes available in the global market.

First of all, with the Biometric Gun Safe, no one has to remember the passcode as it does not require a passcode to operate. One can simply put a fingerprint lock on the Gun Safe which makes it a time-saving material. Sometimes the code can be guessed as some people tend to keep their passcodes similar to their maiden names or their birth dates. So with Biometric Gun Safe, this issue is not there at all as no one can copy your fingerprint or retina scan or sometimes even voice waves (in some Biometric Gun Safes this feature is also there).

Secondly Biometric Gun Safe is perfect for emergency situations as sometimes in an emergency situation due to adrenaline rush people tend to enter the wrong passcode to open the Safe which could be very risky in an emergency situation. So it is better to have a lock system that can be accessed easily even in an emergency situation.

Biometric Gun Safe usually have a lightning fast systems as the response time is very less. The Safe just have to recognize the fingerprint, retina scan or voice waves and it will be accessed in no time at all saving a lot of time.

Now let us look at some of the best models in the Biometric Gun Safe. 

#1 GunVault MicroVault XL MVB100

GunVault MicroVault XL MVB100GunVault micro Vault comes with a dual unlocking system.

This product is famous for its portability as a user can carry the product anytime anywhere.

This product is made out of 18 gauge solid steel.

Big Database

This product has a big database as it can store up to 115 fingerprints. there is a once you touch sensor which verifies in a matter of seconds and the product will open.

Though there is one problem in this safe as the storage capacity is very less. The product is able to store ammunition along with a single handgun.

Additional features include foam covering on the insides of the safe. there is one more feature of fire endurance in this product.

#2 GunVault SV500 Speed Vault Handgun Safe

GunVault SV500 Speed Vault HandGunBy its name, it can be figured out that this product is mostly used for storing handguns. The product is small in size which makes it easier to carry.

Unique Design

Due to its amazing design, it is very easy to carry as it does not take much space due to its size. It can be taken anywhere with you at any point in time.

There are some other additional features like backup override key which is used when the biometric system is giving problems or stops working due to some reason.

Interiors are very light which makes it easy to carry.

Along with the hardware, it has multiple mounting options and with just hand tools it is close to impossible to break.




#3 Verifi S6000 Smart Safe Fast

Verifi S6000 Smart Safe FastVerifi Gun Safe is one the most sold gun safes ever as it comes with loads of features. The products price is high but the features of this product plus the security provided with this products compensates the price.

The locking mechanism is fitted with two steel locking bolts and the Safe is made up of full solid steel.


This gun safe has a 3-D advanced sensor. This imaging sensor helps in storing the fingerprints and detecting them while logging in to the device.

Verifi is able to detect dry fingers which makes this product out of the box as this feature is not present in some of the products. Verifi has a system administrator installed in it which helps in authorizing the privileges of different users of the device.

So here are all the points you can consider while buying a Gun Safe.

Now you know about two types of Gun Safes which are usually the best in their business so it is up to you which Gun Safe you will buy to keep your favorite arms secure.

Advantages of Gun Safes

Household Item

Unlike a normal household Safe found in households which are meant to protect other miscellaneous items, Gun Safes are constructed and manufactured by keeping only one thought in mind, to protect your ammunition. And thus, all the Gun Safes are constructed and manufactured with best in class materials with a tag of heavy duty performance.

From wood to metal to cast iron, every Gun Safe different in its respect sharing one common feature, being extremely tough. Be it wood, a Safe is technically impenetrable until heavy external forces are applied. Technology has also helped greatly in increasing the security feature of the Safe.

Different Sizes

Available in different sizes, every Safe is designed to protect your arms. From Gun Category-A to Category-C every Safe is deemed to protect it from burglaries and let you store it in a proper fashion

Following the Law

The law now makes it a compulsion to own a Safe for the licensed Guns.

A Gun Safe not only keeps your Guns Safe but buying them you follow the ‘Firearms locking device laws‘ too.

Gun Safes act automatically like an insurance policy, so if you are investing money now in a gun safe you don’t lose all of your belongings in future. Under licensed conditions, a Safe is a complete package of insurances protecting you from the hassle of the laws crushing you in charges.

Storage for Valuable items

In a gun, safe not only the guns and ammunition can be stored but at the same time, you can store your valuable items.

The best advantage that you can use is that a normal safe is not that durable but a Gun safe is more durable and stronger. So it helps you in two things, one it protects your firearms and second it protects your other belongings.

Safe from Natural Disasters

A gun Safe provides protection from natural disasters. A gun safe has to pass various tests before going on sale.

Nowadays many electronic gun Safes come with certain features like alerting the safe owner about any theft attempt on the gun safe. The mobile number is stored in the gun safe and whenever there is a suspicious activity or theft attempt being performed on the gun safe, the owner will be notified about that on his/her mobile number.

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