Biometric Gun Safes Vs Traditional Gun Safes

Having a firearm is good to protect your family and property. However, sometimes it may become a threat to your own people. You don’t want your child to carry this weapon and injure themselves or others. To ensure that it never happens, you put your gun away in a place which is only accessed by you.

To keep your firearms at a highly secured place, the gun safe is used. The traditional gun safe comes with a lock and key or with push button combinations. At the time of urgency, remembering the password or finding the key to open the safe can take some time. Therefore, using a gun safe which is smarter than the people who want to outwit it is good choice.


In the recent years, smarter safes have been introduced. They have advanced technology in fingerprint gun safes, a biometric lock which uses your fingerprint as a key to open and close the safe. This key cannot be misplaced or like a pattern you don’t need to remember it. You just need to put your finger on the scanner and your safe will get opened and closed. It is the most secure way to keep your firearms with utmost safety.

One should consider many important aspects while buying a gun safe. The cost and quality should be considered along with the speed at which you can open and access your gun. After all, every second count when you want to keep your family and property protected.

The traditional gun safes use the method like lock and key, radial dial and push button combinations to lock and open the safe. In the jiffy, you would struggle with the key or enter the right code in the safe to get your firearm.

With biometric safe you don’t need to fumble to open it, all you want is to swipe your finger. This method is quicker and more reliable, unlike other traditional methods. Biometric gun safes are also available for cars. Here is a variety of car biometric gun safe.

Moreover, in the traditional safe your children can get a key or password and can access your firearm in your absence. Biometric is the safest way for keeping your gun out of the hands of children. Every year there are numerous cases of children getting injured or killed by mishandling the gun.


The biometric is new technology which comes at the higher price. This renders many shoppers to prefer traditional safes over biometric safe. Biometric safes limit the number of people who can access the item inside. Therefore you can get assured that your gun won’t get into the wrong hands. The biometric comes under the $500.

Though Biometric has so many benefits, it has a drawback too. This technology needs a power source to run it. The safe is required to be plugged into the wall to get AC power supply or connected to a battery source. However, it is the small inconvenience when you consider the benefits of keeping your gun securely and accessing it in few seconds. Moreover, its price tag is not so extravagant and one can find all the reasons to buy it over traditional safes.


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