Buying a Gun Safe – Are Gun Safe Sales a Good Idea?

Whenever there is a mass shooting in America the sale of gun safes goes through the roof. It’s like gun owners suddenly realize that it is very unsafe to have guns lying around unsecured. The fact is, there are too many accidental shootings in the US and many of them can easily be avoided if weapons are properly secured in safes.

Unlike in the UK where firearms are required to be secured in a safe, there are no such requirements in the US; all too often guns end up in the wrong hands and people get hurt. It is estimated that 8 children are accidentally shot in the US every day – that tells you how serious the problem is.

While you may be prepared to spend a pretty penny on good firearms you may not feel the same way about buying a gun safe. Many gun owners assume that something as simple as a cabinet with a lock is enough to keep weapons safe. There are others who will not bother with a gun cabinet at all – they keep their weapons in closets, dresser drawers or even under their beds. There are several reasons why you should seriously consider investing in a proper gun safe:

The most important is that you avoid unnecessary accidents at home. Have you ever asked yourself what would happen if one of your kids, or a neighbor’s child accidentally found your gun? They could seriously injure themselves or others and you may even find yourself facing a lawsuit because you didn’t exercise proper care in securing your weapon.

Imagine someone like a burglar, who is unarmed, breaks into your home and finds a gun that is not properly secured. So many things can go wrong. If you surprise them in the course of the robbery they can turn the gun on you – you have heard of cases where home owners have been shot using their own weapons. They can also steal the gun and use it to hurt or even kill others.

When your weapon is properly secured you have peace of mind. You never have to worry about what could happen if your gun falls into the wrong hands because it never will.

Gun safes are a small investment to make when you consider how far they go in ensuring that everyone at home is safe. Even when you are away from home for extended periods you can be sure that your weapon will not fall into irresponsible hands.

Guns safe sales – what you should know

There are websites that have gun safe sales every few months, and if you know what to look for you can find yourself an excellent one. You may be wondering – where do their safes come from? Gun safe manufacturers are not able to sell all that they produce within a certain period. They have two options – they can junk every safe that is left over, which would result in a loss, or they can sell them off at lower prices which would see them net some income. Most of these gun safes are in great condition; the only problem with them is that they were not sold on time, and there are newer models in the market. For such a safe you may pay half the price or even less if you are a good negotiator.

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There are other websites that sell used gun safes. Think of them as the eBay of gun safes. Anyone who owns a gun safe that they no longer need can sell it off on one of these sites. You need to be careful when buying from these sites because there are some unscrupulous sellers, but if you know what you are looking for you can walk away with an excellent deal at a fraction of the price.

If you buy a gun from a gun safe sale you can expect to pay about 20% off, but there are some things that you should look out for:
You can get a safe that is in excellent condition that is on sale because the owner has lost the key. For such a safe you will usually pay about $100 less than the original asking price. So long as the safe doesn’t have any other problems, such as problems with the combination you should snatch up the deal. All you will need to do is call in a safe expert to tool a new key for you.

You should never buy a gun safe that has had problems with the combination or locking mechanism – odds are you will not be able to fix these problems. A safe like that should not be sold; it should be responsibly disposed so that it can be scrapped for parts.

One of the biggest problems with buying from gun safe sales is delivery – many of the sites that sell used safes will not deliver unless you pay them, or you may find that you have to drive long distances to pick up your safe. You can find a seller who is willing to ship for a small fee.

In case you are wondering what you can expect to pay in a gun safe sale, prices can range anything from $50 to $500 or even $600 depending on the type of safe that you are looking at. If you initiate direct dialogue with the seller you can push the price lower and get yourself a pretty sweet deal.

Most gun safes come with warranties, but these are often voided once the gun safe changes ownership. Find out what kind of warranty the gun safe has and whether it can be transferred to you.

It is never a smart idea to let a stranger know where your new safe is going. If you buy a gun safe online you shouldn’t let the seller know where you live as they can come back later and steal from you.

As soon as you get the gun safe home you should change the combination. Make sure that you get the users manual as some safes can be pretty complicated when it comes to changing combinations.

Have a guarantee of sorts in place. What happens if the safe arrives and it doesn’t work? Is the seller willing to take it back or at least refund you some of the money that you spent? This is not the same as the manufacturer warranty – it is a deal between you and the person or company that sold you the used gun safe.

Most gun safes in gun safe sales with have a few scratches and dents. There are really no rules as to how you should handle these. It is really up to you. If you think the superficial damage doesn’t look too bad you can buy the safe, but if you are particular about appearance you can keep looking until you find one that has little or no damage. Be careful with gun safes that have damage near the lock mechanism; if someone tried to force open the safe in the past the combination mechanism may be compromised.

Bottom line for buying used gun safes…

You will rarely get a lemon of a gun safe if you buy from a gun safe sale. Most people who sell used gun safes are honest, but that doesn’t mean that you buy the first one that you come across. You should take your time and consider your needs and also do your due diligence for any gun safe that you are thinking of buying. Think about the size of safe that you need and where you will keep it. If you are buying a big safe make sure that there is room for it at home. Establish contact with the seller as soon as you find a safe that you like and start a conversation – it can tell you whether or not they are legitimate.

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