GunVault MicroVault XL MVB100 Review

Gunvault MicroVault XL MVB100 is a biometric fingerprint firearm gun safe. Biometric gun safes have an upper hand over other gun safes because unlike normal combinational lock safes, you can open a biometric gun safe very quickly. As the name suggests, biometric gun safe is opened with a fingerprint or an entry code depending on which model you would prefer. A biometric gun safe can also be transported anywhere as it is very easy to transport.

Gunvault products are truly world class and its products have set the standard for the firearms industry.  If you own only one gun and don’t have a budget of gun safe, we advice you to use 1911 shoulder holster which is usually use to take single gun with you. When we think of a firearm safe, we think about security and reliability and that’s just what Gunvault provides us with. Gunvault has developed a technology in which no-eyes keypad and biometric pad provide a very quick access even in bad lightning conditions.

Today, we will be talking about Gunvault Microvault Xl MVB100 biometric gun safe which is one of the most sold and best gun safes from the Gunvault stable. You can also use Gun safe Door Organizer.

Product description

  • This biometric gun safe uses fingerprint recognition for allowing access to the safe contents. For the matter of fact you can register up to 120 different prints to the safe which is huge considering the fact that there are not more than 5-6 members in a typical American family. Providing with database of so many fingerprints eases out one thing and that is you don’t have to worry about one finger print not working as 120 prints can be saved to its directory.
  • The interiors of the gun safe are lined with foam so that it prevents gun damage in case your gun tends to slide. This is an excellent feature as it guarantees the long life of your gun protecting it from any external damage.
  • Inside the gun safe they have also provided with pockets so that you can store your important documents too like your property papers, papers involving your business deals, government papers etc.
  • An algorithm is used to achieve speedy identification of fingerprints with it having low false reject rate(FRR) for a given false accept rate(FAR). This algorithm makes this machine smart enough so that every time someone a user touches a finger, it creates an extra database which decreases the chances of Frr happening.
  • This scanner comes with a 4 foot security cable that allows you to secure it to a fixed object which makes the scanner a great product for home and travel use.
  • The biometric scanner is mountable anywhere, in any direction.

GunVault MicroVault XL MVB100




Exterior dimensions of the product: – 3½” x 10¼” x 12″

Interior dimensions of the product: – 2½” x 8¼” x 11½”

Weight of the product:- 8 pounds

Hold # of unique fingerprints: – 120

Mountable: – Yes

Protective foam liner: – Yes

Spring Loaded Door: – Yes

Audio Low Battery Warning: – Yes

LED Low Battery Warning:-Yes

Backup Override Key: – Yes

California DOJ Approved: – Yes

Motion Detector with Audio Alarm:-No

Interior Courtesy Light:-No

Cost:- $106


  • The safe is very easy to operate and that too in complete darkness.
  • Due to huge number of fingerprints database, everyone can access the guns in case intruders enters your home.
  • This safe hasn’t been provided with codes so that your kids can’t have access to guns.


  • It isn’t provided with a handle for carrying the safe with ease.
  • The fingerprint scanner isn’t that sensitive.
  • The safe doesn’t provide lighting inside.

Our conclusion:-

This is an amazing and cheap biometric gunsafe which doesn’t even cost you $150. Keeping in mind that it provides you up to capacity with 120 fingerprints, it is a steal.

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