How Shooting Affects your Hearing

Shooting activity can affect your hearing to a considerable level. Our ears are under continuous sound pressure due to the noise from the surroundings and taking up shooting activity as a career opportunity can affect your ears to a considerable level.

The gunshots used for shooting have noise level above 140 decibels and can cause hearing problems and nerve damages. Usually, it is said that sound levels above 85 decibels can be harmful to the human ears and exposure to sound levels above 85 decibels can cause hearing impairments. The gunshots which are far on the higher side of the noise level can be really harmful to the shooters and may cause hearing related problems.

The continuous exposure to higher sound levels can cause various problems such as the inability to distinguish the words while having a conversation, difficulty in understanding the direction of the sound input, continuous buzzing or ringing sensation in the ears when exposed to noise. If you have so many guns, you should use gun safes at your home for you and your family safety( Here are some super secured biometric gun safe).

These are few hearing damages that can be caused due to the shooting. So it is really mandatory to protect your ears from such high noise level shooting sports in order to prevent the consequences of being exposed to high sound levels.

Protection for your ears while shooting

The noisy world is enough to show signs of hearing loss to the people living on the planet, and if shooting activity is your routine, then it is challenging to keep away from this problem. If you are a shooter, then it is impossible to camouflage the noise problem at a whole, but there are specific measures that you can use to reduce the amount of noise that the shooter undergoes during his practice, we advise you to wear best leather shoulder holster for a good and faster reach.. Here are few things that you can use to protect yourself from the high-level noise constraint.

  • The very first thing that you need to do while going out for shooting is to wear an ear cup to protect yourself from falling deaf and incurring other symptoms of deafness.
  • Another precaution that you can take for reducing the sound that you experience during shooting is the passive ear muffs which comfortably fits over the years and can considerably reduce the noise.
  • Electronic earmuffs can be another option if you want to opt out more protection for your ears as these electronic ear muffs are embedded with additional noise control features.
  • If your country rules permit then you can also use a silencer while shooting as it suppresses down the noise level.

Opting for the above mentioned protective measures can help in declining the sound level that you might be facing every day, but in order to have some realistic measures, you also need to take regular breaks from your shooting schedule to lessen down the damaging effect. Even a single shot can ruin the hearing capacity which many shooters fail to understand so if you want to move on in this career then you should take all the precautionary steps to stay away from the ill effects of the high sound exposure that goes hand in hand with this activity.

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