Sentrysafe PP1 Portable Pistol Safe – Product Review

Keeping your guns safe is a very important task and gun safes are built for it.There are various laws regarding to gun safety in our country. In many states, a person is required to keep their guns inside a gun safe even if they are in their home or in a vehicle. This is mandatory by law and you cannot challenge it.

It has a reason because kids using guns and injuring others and gun theft cases are on the rise and hence Government of United States has made it mandatory to keep your licensed arms in a gun safe ( here are some gun safe within your budget ). Sentry is a renowned company that has been in the gun safes business for the past years. So by judging the duration, we can estimate the expertise the company has in manufacturing exclusive gun safes.

SentrySafe pistol safe is one of the best car gun safe in market.Sentry has a team of experts which has been exclusively researching about how to make the best and most portable gun safes which you can carry anywhere from your home.

We’ll be reviewing one of the best sellers from the Sentry’s stable and that is Sentrysafe PP1 Portable Pistol Safe. As the name suggests, this gun safe is specially used for storing pistols, revolvers and their magazines. This product has really picked up demand in the last 2 years due to its efficiency and its return on investment.

Product Overview

The Sentrysafe PP1 Portable Pistol Safe is a proper security system which offers you unmatched efficiency and amazing storage space. This safe is amazing in its own way and it provides you with peace of mind while you’re travelling. Safe is specially manufactured with a steel body and pry-resistant door to enhance you with reliability and security for your firearms. We advice you to use fingerprint gun safe for more safety.

Sentrysafe PP1 Portable Pistol Safe has a key entry and therefore you don’t have to worry about battery problems like there are times when battery in the keypad won’t start and we are then left with no options. So, this a good option considering the fact that key entry makes it easier for us to operate and handle this safe.

  • It comes with compression foam lined interior to prevent guns from scratching.
  • The safe has a pry resistant door and steel construction which provides the safe with strength and rigidity. It also prevents unauthorized access to your firearms.
  • The safe comes with steel tethering cable with makes it handy to carry the safe around easily.


  • Exterior size-3.3 in H X 10.0 in D X 11.3 in W
  • Interior size-3.0 in H X 7.3 in D X 9.8 in W
  • Capacity-0.1 cubic ft.
  • Lock type-Tubular Key
  • Peril type-Security
  • Weight-6.500 lb.
  • Material-Solid Steel


  • This gun safe can be used in and outside your vehicle
  • The companies provide you with doors that are pry-resistant.
  • The insides are laced with compression foam that prevents scratching of guns.
  • The safe we are currently reviewing has been approved by California department of justice.


  • The safe doesn’t come with a keyless entry. You will have to get extra keys made in case of emergency.
  • It cannot hold more than one magazine and you will have to make arrangements for the spare magazines.
  • The tethering cable can be easily cut by anyone.

Concluding our article we would say that this is an amazing safe as it comes with the best features available in the market and it gives you the best return on investment if you’re willing to ignore its cons. happy shopping!!

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