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Gun safes are storage equipment that stores your firearms and other types of ammunition. It is also used to prevent access of your firearms from unauthorised personnel.  Gun safes also protect your important documents and other valuable items during emergencies like natural disasters, fire, flood etc.

Gun safes have been successful in replacing the gun cabinet method made from wood and glass and brought some sophistication to the gun storing process. Gun safes definitely improve the life span of your arms and ammunition as it blocks out dust which might hamper the longevity of your guns.

Looking for the best gun safe for your needs is a daunting task as market is filled with huge amount of options. You assume the Gun safe is only a metal box, right? You’re mistaken as choosing the right gun safe for your needs will require your patience and time. You will have to look for many factors and will have to narrow down to the best option which suits your needs.

We feel, being in the ammunition business that it is our responsibility to guide you in selecting the suitable gun safe for your needs. Reading this article will immensely help you in narrowing down your options.

  • The Size dilemma

Gun safes available today in the market comes in various shapes and sizes and you surely will have lots of options to explore from. Lots of options available in the market are merely gun safes that mean they don’t come with fire alarm or burglary protection. The first thing that you should be looking for is the construction of the gun safe which includes the thickness of metal and various types of locking mechanism.

The next thing that you should look out for is fire rating. A screwdriver can easily destroy your gun safe and that is why you should  purchase a gun safe that is built from 10 gauge steel or above preferably 12 gauge steel. The best gun safes have ½” or thicker steel and you should also look out for the similar ones.

After you are done with the door construction, you should check out the burglary protection characteristics of the gun safe. The ratings that you should be looking for are RSC (Residential Security Container), U.L. TL-15 (Tool Resistant) and U.L. TL-30.

For fire ratings, you should look for atleast 1 hour fire protection. If your budget doesn’t allow you to purchase a gun safe which has at least 1 hour fire rating then go for the one which has the maximum fire rating that you can afford.

  • Locking

Locking mechanism is an important aspect for purchasing a gun safe. You don’t want people to have easy access to your gun safe. Locking mechanisms comes with many technicalities like gun safes can be accessed by password, thumb print and voice activation etc. You just need to buy a gun safe that can be accessed by only you and people you trust.


  • Burglary protection over fireproofing

Fireproof safes protect your paper documents from heat and smoke but the main problem is that fireproof safes use very thin metals which makes it susceptible to burglary.

Look for safes that also come up with added burglary protection because you would also want to store and protect your important documents such as property papers and cash alongside your ammunition.

  • Warranty

Warranty is a very important aspect that you should look while purchasing a gun safe. Gun safe manufacturers usually provide you with one year warranty. You should always read the fine print. There are also options to increase your warranty period and one can also avail lifetime warranty on the product. You should go for the lifetime warranty product as it will lessen your hassles.

  • Price

This is the most important aspect while looking for the product you want to buy as you cannot exceed your budget to buy the desired gun safe. But you really want a product for lifetime you should not care for the price of the product as it really is a one-time investment. It come in various ranger, here are some gun safe under $500 and some best gun safe under $1000.

You should look for gun safe reviews on our website and then considering factors from this article; buy the best gun safe which suits your needs. I hope you find this piece of information useful for your purchase.

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