Tips for Deer Hunting

Today I’m going to tell you about some Deer hunting tips which will help you hunt a Deer like a Pro.

At the starting, it may seem that you won’t be able to hunt a deer, don’t be negative at starting everything seems to be impossible but once you start doing it with the support you eventually achieve it. In our last article we gave some tip that how to plan your adventure.

So consider me as your support in Deer Hunting.

I have seen many beginner hunters going crazy about the gear available in the market. They read about this through magazines or internet and they just go crazy and purchase them.

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Here the deal is guys you are not going for hiking in a park with all this stuff on your back. You are going to hunt so be smart and choose your gear smartly. Don’t go for expensive or fancy rifles available in the market. You can start with any good rifle which is available at a reasonable price and has a good calibre plus good stopping power and with which you are comfortable.



Scouting is one of the most important parts of Deer Hunting. The important thing is not to walk through the bedding areas and you should know how to scout an area. This is a strategy to get a deer. This is not a gear related thing at all. It is totally different from that. Look for sheds, look for rubbing in the trees and in the ground, look for tracks etc. Try to establish those patterns and once you find out where the deer are coming to eat, where it is going for water and where it is going for bedding you will have no problem in hunting a deer. One important tip for you guys, stay away from deer’s bedding area as it is one area where they feel secure and you really don’t want to remove the element of security.


Limitation of skills

Understanding the limitations of your skills is very important. This mostly relates to your shooting skills like you know when to take a shot. You owe it in the hunting game to give a clean death to the deer and that comes down to your skill. If a deer is two hundred or three hundred yards and you have got your gun loaded and you know that you will not miss the shot then go on and take a shot. But if you know that there are chances that you might miss so no need to press the panic button and take a shot. Instead of taking a risky shot wait for the best shot which you know that you are not going to miss.


Bullet and Gun Combination

Choose the right tool for a particular job. A bullet and a gun combination is a very important factor. Knowing your limitations on where you are hunting, you don’t need to take a thousand yards Benchrest Rifle to hunt a deer within hundred yards. Instead, take out your 6mm real gun and take a shot.  If you are professional hunter, then we advice you to use expensive gun safe under $1000 and some gun safe organizer for extra space your equipment safety. Understanding the combination of the calibre of the gun is very important. Never screw up this combination.


Trail Cameras

Trail cameras are a very important tool to monitor the activities of a deer on the hunting property. These cameras will send pictures to your smartphone which will allow you to monitor the deer herd without going into the forest and disturb the pack. Purchase a Trail Camera once you have an idea where the animals are trailing on the property because there is nothing worse than spending your money on something which would be totally unnecessary in the future.


Control your own Scent

Deer use their noses to detect many things and they totally repel human scent. Make sure that you don’t stand in the wind direction leading to the deer. Try to play in the wind otherwise, the deer will run away from you.

So these were some Deer Hunting Tips that will help you hunt a Deer. Happy Hunting!

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